Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Workplace

There she stood in the distance, visible from far and wide. Holding her demeanor in the hustle and around her, it was as though her presence commanded them all. Cranes trying to pick at her, with large bags and suitcases and containers, all minute in front of her, she stood still- silent in the lapping water. She had been different when I walked away from her yesterday night- dark, cold and energizing the silence. The time had changed, and so had she. Opening up one of her many entrances to allow me through, she stood, in wait; for the time, the perfect time.

Her soft velvety clothes making me, and everyone else, glide past; not calling for a touch on her made-up skin, originally of wood, yet beautified with ‘rouge-red’ paint and adorned with the jewelries of paintings.

Her main asset stirring with activity, her eyes swiveled as I walked through. Saluting me, she put up her hands and bowed to me; calling my name. And at a nod of mine, she bellowed. Scaring the wits of people, her quiet moan rippled through the distance. Magnificent, charming, and gorgeous, yet playful; she shivered at my touch. I was her driver; the only one she bowed down to. Yes, the captain, the pilot, the leader- her leader. The manager of the ship- not a simple one- Olympus.

She was my duty, my workplace-not entirely seeming. Quivering beneath me, she moved; and off we were. A giant mass of light, color and beauty; she was someone who would always be missed. Her captivating presence- still the cause of jealousy in many women- holding fast from the last decade, she still decked herself as other’s wanted. Shimmering lights, and a yellow glow falling all around her; she smoked, with dignity and passion. I loved watching her, we all did, but work commanded.

Smoothly vanishing into one of her many curves, and crevices, I was into her- completely. Controlling her- her movement, her brain, her everything- was not easy, so there I stood, stationary. Enticing me with my lights even here, she warned me off any miscreants feasting rudely on her pride and glamour. It was as though she had eyes bejeweled on her, everywhere on her body; and she granted me to see through them. Gentle moans from her sensuous body, punctuating the chatter in the chamber; her occasional groan of ecstasy settled to let out a quiet summons; into her private chamber.

Her white skin dazzling in the light of her diamonds, her touch was something which would turn anyone on.  Her robe, red, green and blue, was pinned in place, spick and span. Her cool breath preventing sweat on my brow, she continued rocking gently. All of a sudden, she let out a loud moan of pleasure and a spasm passed through her. Terrified, she pulled me down to her robed self to hold me in a possessive hug. And as I extracted myself from her arms, she roared- in anger.

She swung her head furiously, her hair flying in the wind. Her face- wet with spray from around; yet she smoked. Huffing with all the might in her, she pranced heavily; and her rubies shone, the red portraying her feelings with malice.

I raced towards her, afraid to let her fright overtake her. And as my situation-hardened palms patted her skin, she calmed down. Another outburst flowed through her body, and then she slept, calmly, serenely, peacefully under my touch.

She was my baby, my love, my happiness. A vivacious beauty, she flirted dangerously with me, and I had the same feelings for her. But there was a problem, a restriction I faced. She was forever mine to be- but, she was my job, my duty, and her vivid beauty was my workplace.

PS: This is a topic I wrote in my recent examination.Please put in your views and comments below..:)


  1. what a post... :) i can literally see her as i read it :D
    Nice one bro..

    1. Glad you liked it brother...:)
      Keep visiting..:D

  2. wow.. wonderful write up. an engrossing read. loved it :)