Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Review of 'The Kite Runner'

I started off on this book after a suggestion from one of my close friends, who is an avid reader himself and I thank him profusely for his suggestion. It is extremely late to put up a review of a book which has been read by loads of people and has also been one of the bestsellers. According to me, this book being a bestseller is justified.

Crafted to perfection by Khaled Hosseini, ’The Kite Runner’ runs on the life of an Afghani boy and how he faces various hardships in life, some of his problems as a child and also as an adult, and also the love and affection he gets. The virtues of true friendship are also brought out by the author, and the book goes on to show you what real friendship is.

The Kite Runner title is very apt and the reason will surely strike you as you start turning pages. The book has also contrasted between the state of Afghanistan in the past, and then later in life when the main character visits the place again (the book is based in the first person).

Khaled Hosseini has used very flowery language which completes the picture and allows you to visualize the events and the situations as the lead character passes through them. The emotions as well have been portrayed to perfection and at times you can experience the sadness, and the love, and the pain and also the happiness of the central character.

On the whole, I felt this book a very interesting read. The genre was a first for me, as I was and am a fan of the action- thrillers by Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, and the rest. I enjoyed the book, from cover-to-cover, and I suggest that you spend some time with this story you are bound to fall into it.

You can purchase this book from Flipkart and Amazon.

Waiting for Rishikesh, my friend, to suggest some other books and will shortly be back with another review. Suggestions about other titles to read are welcome and I will surely read the books you suggest. So please do put in your suggestions at the bottom of the page.

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  1. I love his writings...I'm currently reading his latest 'And the mountains echoed'.

    M not a fan action husband devours them!! :)


  2. well.. u always have a new comer around :) I am bad with reading books .. and hence manage with reviews :) .. to know the gist and keep myself updated ..

    1. Will provide you with a short gist as well next time and will also deal with some of the content of the book..:)
      Thanks for spending time visiting here...keep coming..:D

  3. Ithis buk is in my wishlist. Good review. U can also read jhumpa lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth

  4. Will add it to my reading list..:)

  5. well , this book left my soul wretched , so did the other two by him...
    if you are a oh-so-greedy reader like i am, do not miss The book thief by Markus Zusak..! its something to be has remained my all time favorite..

    1. I love reading, and I will make sure to add that book to my reading list...:)