Sunday, August 11, 2013

Organic Chemistry...-Not Really..

Chemistry class lapses into weird catcalls; the culprit is brought to the front, only to mimic the other teachers. Awkwardly flow the happy tears- a new method of teaching, and fun. The same dialogues now sound different.
Only expected from a class which has discussed the Mahabharata to length with organic chemistry in tow.

PS- What I have talked about is sure weird, but when imagined would lead to more laughter if delved into with vivid imagery. These events are spontaneous and happen in flow. To provide a faint background, this happened today in an organic chemistry lecture, where we have already digressed a lot, and have also gone on to talk about topics including the Mahabharata, and the virtues and hardships of life. Such events have made me start loving the subject, thanks to my sir.

PPS- This is my first try at 55 fiction. Please do put in your comments..:D


  1. W8...chemistry and mahabharatha??? dats some neat stuff

    i want further details... and u better come up with a detailed one.. :)

  2. chem n mahabharath?? hmm even more confusing :p