Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Forever

Today it is,
The day it all started,
When you both came together,
And never ever parted.

Standing hand-in-hand,
You are made for each other,
Be whatever situation,
You always stood together.

18 long years shared,
In blissful unity,
May you remain like this,
Till the date reaches eternity.

Wishing you both, Mom and Dad, a Very Happy Anniversary. May you both obtain more happiness with each other, and may you remain together till eternity.

PS: There must be a huge party as your bond is now an adult…;) :P

An old image of the lovely couple together...:)


  1. Hahaha..Huge Party for Karan I guess.. :D
    Happy Anniversary To Your Parents.. :D

  2. Happy Anniversary to Your Parents :)

  3. Happy Anniversary to your Parents. Great post!!

  4. That's a very sweet poem Karan. May this 'now' adult bond mature into a jubilee bond! Have a great party :)

  5. That is a real heartwarming tribute, Karan. Your parents must be feeling very proud to have a thoughtful and caring son like you. :)

    Happy Anniversary, may God bless them forever.

  6. Happy Anniversary to your parents..great post. Loved it :-)

  7. That was so cute and a celebration of their wonderful bond! Do wish your parents a very happy anniversary from my side as well!

  8. Good one Karan.
    Loved the line : There must be a huge party as your bond is now an adult

  9. very nice write up.. happy anniversary to your parents. :)
    getting ready for the party huh? ;) :P