Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shadow of the Past

There I sit in a gloomy corner,
With nothing to do,
Thoughts take me forward,
No, that’s not true.

Racing in the past,
I close my eyes for the moment,
I still remember what had happened,
At that life changing event.

Now you are gone,
And so is your endearing presence,
All I can do now,
Is reminisce your essence.

The tap rouses me,
Brings me back to reality,
I wish you had never happened,
It is just sadness now, in totality.

I slip in the mush,
Back to your thoughts,
I wish you’d understood me when,
I said I love you lots.

Legs heavy like lead,
I try to stand,
The past pulls me back,
But the future doesn’t give me a hand.

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