Tuesday, November 12, 2013

In a Parallel Universe

Wiping sweat from under his characteristic red hair, he watched the figure materialize in the pot.
Hair tousled and round spectacles gleaming, he touched the lightning bolt- a divine summons.
The pale captive with a slit-like nose trembled with fear as the boy walked forward in his red robes.
The Chosen One had risen again.

PS: I don’t know what struck me when I wrote this; but I had started off to do something completely different from what is seen above.

PPS: Recognition of all the characters is open, and I hope the descriptions have turned out to be clear. :P


  1. Are you attempting a Harry Potter fanfic??? While the descriptions were good, the "red" hair is a Weasley trait... So, that sort of threw me off track a little bit... Or is Ron the chosen one in the parallel universe?

    1. Yes it was Harry Potter. The scene was the one at the end of part 4...when Voldy returns...
      Ron was to be the faithful servant (Pettigrew) and Harry was the one who rises...and Harry still remains the Chosen One...

  2. Nice post..Would love to hear the full story someday

  3. :D :D potterhead..! me too..goblet of fire , eh?

  4. Ah this was a nice take.... U can make a short story out of it