Friday, November 1, 2013

Togetherness- A Series (Part 5)

The preceding parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Happy reading…

I hadn’t expected mum and dad to agree with me so fast. But they did, and after a hearty breakfast, I left on a mission.

Walking down the aisle towards the welcoming cool of the shop- it called to me. I went into its confines, with the sole aim of purchasing what I wanted. My wallet was going to go through a liposuction and its weight would be reduced to a large extent. But I was fine with it, if not now, then when would I do it. As I saw the exquisite exhibits, I could do nothing but admire them. I fingered the shiny ring in my hand, and as it entered the haven of its safe box, I smiled. It was not the solitaire on the ring which mattered; it was the love I was enclosing in the red packet. As the colored paper wound its way on the minute box, the memory came back to me, and I washed into the past.

I woke up with butterflies and rats combating at the same time in my insides. I walked to the mirror slowly, my legs weighted with lead. Today was going to be one of the most important days of my life, and finally I had made a decision. I had to do it today; this was it. Bringing out my courage, I took a step away, and moved on to complete my chores, with the speed of light.

The orange ball stood on my head and blasted me with its immense heat. I walked into the magnificent showroom at the corner, and was amazed by the glitter and glimmer. The jewels and the stones and the gold and the diamonds. They shimmered in the gleam of the overhead lights and made my eyes widen. I stood there agape, and just watched.

A woman dressed in a bright saree approached me and said, “How may I help you sir?"

"I'm looking for a ring."

"Come this way sir. Right here."

Leading me on, she stopped where another lady in a similar dress waited to provide her orchestrated services.

“For what occasion do you want the ring sir?"

“Uhm, it’s for someone special on a special day."

“So, an engagement ring?"

“Well yes, how did you guess?"

“A young guy like you never buys a ring other than for his engagement or a proposal to someone."


“What range would you like, sir?"

“Show me the least you have."

The girl smiled to herself and picked out a simple ring with a diamond the size of a minute grain.

“This is for 30 thousand Rupees, sir."

“Is there anything below this range? Something more simple?"

“I'm sorry sir. But this is the least we have got. You could save a bit if you switch to silver or maybe cancel the diamond."

“No no. That’s the main part of the ring, I can’t forgo that. I'll just go get the cash, and by the way do you accept cards?"

“Yes sir."

“Great, then I won’t need to carry the cash here. I'll just be back in sometime. Thank you for your help."

“Sure sir. Thank you for coming."

I walked out with a poker face, and a shocked mind. I did not know what to do. I had wanted to surprise Niki with this special gift, but I did not have enough money to provide her with it. Now what would I do? Would she tell me the words I wanted to listen?

With all these questions in mind, I walked away empty handed, back home. I would have to ask her without the ring; that was sure. But I would do it.

“Sir, here is your ring. Thank you for shopping with us."

The words of the salesman brought me back to the world. I took the package, and slipped it into my pocket. I was ready to complete my promise, and I now waited for the day when Niki would truly be mine. And the countdown had begun.


  1. Hope the story has a happy ending, Karan!
    Waiting! :)

    1. I can't disclose the end now Ma'am...:(
      Glad you are following the series..:)
      Will post the next part soon...!!

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    1. Thank you Aayesha for the nomination...:)

  3. Even I am also counting down to the climax..:D