Friday, November 15, 2013

RCISJC- A Memorable Journey

High above,
Shines the moon,
And there I sit alone,
Waiting for the night to end soon.

There are just some days left,
And it will all be gone,
But it will never pass,
It will forever make me forlorn.

The years have gone by so fast,
In all the fun,
Why did it end so soon,
Some more years, couldn’t it have taken?

There from the start,
But not the dark bottom,
You have grown as deserved,
And it is the very best we have gotten.

Giving everything,
And hiding nothing,
You have gifted us success,
And made us a special something.

The lemon fights during lunch,
And the lift runs in the break,
The whispers in the lectures,
And the chalks we still take.

You always saw and observed,
But you forever let it slip,
You let us smile and enjoy,
Never letting our childhood dip.

Now it’s on an end,
And there is nothing I can do,
There is so much to say,
But I can’t as the grief of loss doesn’t allow me to.

PS: This is dedicated to my High School and Junior College, Rustomjee Cambridge International School and Junior College, which has supported me from the last 8 years. In some days end the last exams, hopefully, and my journey with this esteemed institution takes a halt (Though it will never stop); so I thank all the teachers who stood by us, and put in their magnanimous efforts in making us grow and learn. A big big Thank You to Tanya Ma’am, Hanif Sir, and all the teachers as well (averting from names as the list is toooo long).


  1. A very nice way to show your Gratitude to your Teachers karan..Surely they are responsible in shaping our Future..Nice lines.. :D

    1. Yes they are...:)
      Glad you liked it Harsha...:D

  2. Really liked the lines beautifully phrased which shows your dedication and gratitude to your Teachers !!!!
    Teachers are there to inspire and motivate us to excel !!

    1. Correctly said Ma'am...
      Glad you liked the post...:)
      Keep visiting..!!