Thursday, November 14, 2013

There Was Once A Young Girl

There was once a young girl,
Who lived in her dream world,
Away from harsh life,
She stayed in the cocoon of her fantasies, all furled.

She danced, she sang,
All in the imaginary realm,
She was very happy and gay,
Till he wandered, and in he came.

Resembling her prince,
He took her heart away,
She just wanted him now,
Anyhow, anyway.

Wooing him, caring and loving,
She made him her God,
He was smothered and pampered,
He just had to ask, and he got the nod.

The story went on,
But the priorities changed,
He had other uses for her,
He was quite deranged.

He hurt her a lot,
And gave her heart pain,
She thought it was a mistake,
But her love had gone in vain.

He went far away,
Leaving her to pick up the pieces,
She could not do anything then,
‘Cause he had been her Jesus.

Her world had collapsed,
It had all broken down,
She wished she had changed earlier,
When she had met with the world’s frowns.

They had warned her before,
That the world was very different,
She did not listen at all,
And remained completely indifferent.

Her dream guy did not come,
Or so she thought,
She did not know something,
That she had ignored the real world a lot.

Her thoughts could not comfort her,
Nor could they make her fine,
If only she had someone to call,
To say you are mine.