Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tongue Tied

There is so much I have to tell you,
There is so much I have to share,
There is as much to hear from you,
You lay beside me under the night sky,
Your eyes twinkling just like the stars above, and also mine,
Our hands are together but they never meet,
Your soft whispers in my ear, the words a song each,
They tell me stories, all so new, all so fresh,
The moon takes cover behind the clouds, and so do you,
A chill takes over, so dull, it’s all so somber and shy,
The blitz of silence blowing us away,
The tears waiting for us to close in,
It’s all maybe a sign for the hearts to combine,
A wish to change the course, not mine, not yours, but ours,
I see the tales in your eyes; the shadows tell me all,
Your face is a mosaic so abstract- it hides the truth in lies,
There are my moments too, when I wish to succumb to you,
But now is not the time, it’s yours,
I wait for words to bridge the gap, my fingers mingling with yours,
A touch so meager is all that it takes, and a smile,
I know it’s not time for me to speak, yet,
It all doesn’t matter, 'cause you make me feel tongue-tied.


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you felt that way Aantriksha..!!
      Keep visiting..!! :D

  2. tongue-tied..yes. Twining twining the boat of life,

    Ah! I wait for you;
    Coiling twisting winding looping,
    The boat of life!