Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Light Years Away

I wish to lay in the sanctity of your arms,
I wish to subside in the haven of your presence,
I wish to drown in the surf of your essence,
Your soft hand glazing mine,
Each accidental touch jolting me,
It all makes me feel real,
It all makes me feel alive,
Cowering in your absence I wait for dawn,
Sleep is a luxury I cannot afford,
Your thoughts empowering my dreams,
The ghost of your absence holds me by the scruff,
Your smile completes me with the boost of happiness,
Every tear in your eye is a flood of sorrow,
Each moment spent with you is a memory, till eternity,
Our fingers join to make a hand, so complete,
You are so close and yet you are so far away,
It all comes down to distances and you're a light year away.