Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Star So Bright

I sit through the night waiting for a sign,
The moon peeping through the clouds,
My only companion in the silence, as I wait for you,
Patiently trying to quiet the storm raging in heart and mind,
It’s a fight against myself to cross the line,
A choice to change, a decision to overthrow,
A wish to make it all work, with time,
A smile I wish to see forever, not mine in the mirror,
A hand to hold in the day and the dark night,
To have you there next to me, and to be there as much,
I want it all, yet I don’t want the illusion to crack,
It’s a mirage, a dream, a creation of all I ever wished for combined,
That’s you for me, a galaxy so far away,
Yet lighting me up like I never have been, ever before,
We get so close, turning away at the last instance,
Your eyes say it clear, and so do mine,
Your name on my lips, said with truthful desire,
Wishful, for my happiness, but only after yours,
I have no thoughts on what to do; it’s all just a blinded maze,
The shadows are closing in fast, and it’s all getting hazy,
There is a light in the darkness; I know it’s you,
You are for me a star so bright.

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  1. Silence is always our best companion... Indeed post!