Monday, August 24, 2015

Never Mind

I have so much to say, I have so much to ask,
Thoughts so many, all very different and vivid,
Dreams too, yet an aim singular,
I brace for impact, I cringe on every turn,
Wishes so many, all thorns in the garden of life,
Colors bathe me in all that I feel, so abstract,
So divine, I stand pure for myself and for you too,
Trudging slowly ahead right now, I wish to make the jump,
Soon, the time is slowly coming,
Yet I am not so sure of the fires raging in you,
No inkling of the storms in your mind, and your heart,
Love is all but a trench so deep, shoving you right to the bottom,
Never to get back up again, I know,
The void awaits, I can hear the echoes from the depths,
It’s all very sweet for now and I’m treading still water,
The currents beginning to build, a storm is starting to brew,
First in my mind, I am so confused,
The turmoil hiding behind the smiles so peaceful,
There is no end, to you and me- yes; not to us,
Picture perfect, we talk all in the mind, coy,
I have so much to say, so much to ask,
I see your lovely face, and the pretty smile,
I don’t want to spoil it all, so never mind.

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