Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tears In Your Eyes

A journey is this time so long,
A trip far away with a destination unknown,
Every tick of the hand springing a new surprise,
Memories collected every second,
Beginnings and ends all adding up to each other,
An excursion into the wilderness,
Waiting at platforms, waiting to be swept off the feet,
It’s all about expectation and habit,
It’s about the passengers and the ones you get to know,
It’s heartening yet disheartening when it comes to a close,
And you wish some journeys never cease,
You keep going around, fitting in everywhere yet being nowhere,
I felt that with you, just so different,
Watching you lead the way,
Feeling you take my arm,
And your head resting slowly on my shoulder by night,
The words echoing in the splash of moonlight,
And your hand in mine, so soft, so intimate,
We keep going; we keep tracing our paths back to where we began,
Just when it starts feeling like the end,
We smile again, we flourish again,
We let our hearts dance in the freedom of our togetherness,
We did it all except moving away, and moving apart,
Just for the tears in your eyes.


  1. Lovely expressions, i could feel the love around :)

  2. "And you wish some journeys never cease". It happens to all of us. Thanks for sharing