Monday, August 17, 2015

A Shoulder To Sleep On

I hear your sweet voice across the lush meadow,
I can feel the smile on your face without even a glance,
I can see the twinkle of excitement in your eyes,
I can sense the happiness the moment creates in you,
There’s a strange warmth in me, a different feeling altogether,
I’m all but satisfied with all there is around me,
I laugh, I sing, I dance around you, sharing all that you feel,
Yet my heart wanders the desolate moor, cracking in the heat,
Breaking down in the empty corner,
Tears of happiness roll down my cheeks, shadowing the sorrow,
I had hoped you would stay forever, special in heart and soul,
You pirouetted away with the shadow, oh so new,
And I smiled in your wake; I stood by in your absence,
I waited for you to come back, not that I prayed for your sadness,
You cushioned yourself against my chest when the day came,
And I knew, it’s always about having a shoulder to sleep on.


  1. I love the way the poem moves along from the beginning to the end. Nice synchronicity.Thanks for sharing

    1. Glad you liked it Sir :)
      Thanks for visiting..!!