Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Once Again

I walked away from the feeling,
The emotion overpowering me, silencing me,
My courage dwindled in front of my eyes,
Just the sight of you tearing through the will I had,
Words said breaking all I have, and all I had,
Dreams built on the whims of our presence,
Just for you, all made by you, for me to settle into,
You are a drug so strong I can’t believe you exist,
Your thoughts are my penchant,
Worrying, harrying, caring, that’s all I can do,
My words don’t flow when the jewels drop in your sparkling voice,
I stand awestruck, for your being is sheer good luck,
The promises we made bind me to you,
The moments we shared keep you close,
The memories we have will never be tears in my eyes,
All I want forever is you,
It’s a road I have walked on, a path I have bled on,
It’s a way guarded by the shadows of my past,
Tiny and narrow, yet so large in sight,
I may have set foot again; I cringe in the spotlight,
The crevices too small for me, again,
As the first drop spills, I know it’s not yet time,
It’s not yet time to walk the road once again.