Tuesday, July 14, 2015


The day has gone by, the calendar has turned,
The clock has just been born again,
And I still stand where I took off from,
Shadows chasing me, silhouettes closing in,
Or is it me running from the mummies of my past,
I stand drenched in thought, the turmoil too much to bear,
The earth shakes beneath me, the wind roars,
The sun lights up leaving behind ashes,
It’s just a circle so strong, the pressure building,
The clouds are a blanket patronizing the void,
I’m in the eye of the whirlwind, willing to take off,
Thoughts going one way, dreams the other,
Pushing through the haze, hurtling through the fog,
The silver lining is all I want as the clock holds still,
It’s an endless search for the hole in the clouds,
It’s an infinite pursuit for daylight.