Wednesday, July 8, 2015


There are shadows under my eyes,
A burden of darkness plaguing the day,
My nights go without a second of sleep,
Disturbed by the echo of the rustle of language,
I can smell the ink and feel the roughness slide through my hands,
I can see the people take form in front of me,
Stories coming alive, and pictures moving,
The whispers reach me and the images glide past,
Zooming across with each letter, each word, each sentence,
Time holding its position, with bated breath,
The dots and signs the dam to the flow in my head,
Feelings and emotions germinating,
The beginning is marked the rest is unknown,
The path with twists and turns and curves unseen,
It’s a storm in the mind; the result is a search in vain,
Once is sane, the reason for the rest isn’t known,
Addiction would be an understatement,
But a book is all that pleases my eye.


  1. Life is a mystery and books are a generous escape!