Monday, July 20, 2015

I Wish It Was You

I hold my pillow close as the darkness settles in,
Shadows engorge those tiny fears I have hidden away,
The wind whistles to me, a sound so spooky,
The periodic steps of the clock echoing on the path of my imagination,
The darkest thoughts rising, pushing past the sleep,
Emanating from the deepest trench of memory,
I look up to the wall above, a reel of emotions passing by,
I smile, I shake my head, I sigh in relief,
I grumble a word or two, inaudible to my mouth as well,
I feel the silence growing, I feel the void widening,
I feel the pain, the loneliness, the sorrow, all in full glory,
I close my eyes to shut out the circus around,
I only feel myself, all alone, the pillow my companion,
As the night consumes me, I wish again it were you who I was holding.


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