Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Perfect Murder

The silent streaks so lively and colorful,
The night all dark and wet, yet chattering with activity,
Illegible words, covered by grumbles and groans,
Covering my screams and my shouts,
All of my agony praying to you, a game of noisy yelling,
Begging you to stay, as you just walked past,
The swish of the wind silenced your steps,
The tears of the sky hid your shadow in the distance,
The falling sheets made you feel all...gone,
The distant chatter covered your voice,
The soft drops glistening on my skin masked your touch,
And the trickle of rain down my cheeks disguised my tears,
The hot river going down my face flooding with emotions,
And I kept you behind me, my storm your shield,
Only to be accessory to the perfect murder.

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