Friday, July 10, 2015

Honey Diet

A diet is something I have never gone through. When this topic came up about crash diets, I was put off due to the research I would need to do on it. The 1st thing which came into notice was me being underweight, regardless of the fact that I eat way too much. It’s quite seen, but the words did make me feel a bit uncomfortable. Moments later, I came across the fact that not only do fat people, sorry for being crude and rude, need proper diets, but skinny people like me need to practice proper diets as well.

With help from various websites, I was able to draw up a diet plan which would make my mother tear up, considering the dos and don’ts. When studied in greater detail, it came to my notice that the only constituent which lacked in a large proportion in my current health plan was honey.

Dabur was, is and always will remain the best in the honey industry, and I jumped without a doubt to Dabur Honey. It then became clear that honey was the only answer to my question.

Honey, with its natural origins, helps the body in a variety of ways, ranging from physical strength, to a glowing face. When ingested in the morning with warm water, this amber liquid helps to manage weight in a very simple manner. It also provides energy due to its quick digestion, and works very well against cough, cold and various other diseases. Honey can also be used for beautiful skin due to its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

But the main part is that it is a known substitute of sugar. Honey holds several vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which get destroyed during the production of sugar, which are extremely important for the body. It is also sweeter, and contains lesser calories.

Along with all this, honey has been proved to improve memory (I guess it will be my staple diet during exams), for treating dandruff and also for curing sleepless nights. With all these internal benefits, it doesn’t fail to surprise as it can be used externally as well to treat burns and wounds.

Within minutes, the jigsaw of my diet had been completed, the missing piece found in just 5 letters; that too naturally with no side effects or harmful effects on the body. This liquid gold could be the answer in the future to more problems which the human race is facing and the best bet is Dabur with its strong profile in the market.

According to my crash diet plan, it’s time for my midmorning snack, and I must not skip a single meal (I never do). Honey is the best bet during a crash diet as it reduces the intake of calories but provides the necessary energy to the body.

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