Sunday, July 26, 2015

We Are

We walk together hands clasped tight,
Tracing our way ahead in life,
Measuring moments and devouring dreams,
Willing for wishes and foraging a future,
The moon is our only ally in this dark quest,
Your beauty my asset, the will to keep threading on,
Your hands are my eyes, and your heart my map,
We walk through angry fires, the flames kissing our unity,
We jump through the puddles so drab,
Dirtying the canvas of our happiness,
We run through storms sudden and abstract,
Distractions from the memories we keep building,
Drenched, we savor the tears of the sky,
The sorrow not breaking the bond we share,
We cuddle through winters cold, staring and glaring,
But none freezes them in time, our time,
The freshness of spring stays forever,
Smiles bathe the garden we dreamed of,
We came through it all, it always was us,
We are two to see, but we are one to be.