Friday, July 3, 2015

Final Destination

I sit under the stars praying for just a glimpse,
To hear your pretty voice calling out my name,
To feel you beside me, your hands slipping into mine,
And your hands in my hair as I drifted off,
Your smile a ray of hope in the mist of my life,
I stare out the window; I rush out at every crossing,
I search for you wherever I halt, and I don’t stop,
The journey made me chug forward,
Billowing steam and couplets together,
I wait to follow you, just like you did then,
Just a piece falling into place, a picture coming to life,
We were a train which left the platform together,
Our journey has taken us through ways unknown,
But will we reach our final destination together?


  1. Emotions essayed excellently, especially liked the line "We were a train which left the platform together"