Friday, July 17, 2015

A Day To Forget

There is always the good,
There is always the bad,
It’s always black and white, never grey,
Lest the smog creeps in with time,
Veils over words, blankets over meanings,
It’s all but a maze of understanding,
The void of peace betrayed, hurt but not destroyed,
The joint hands of trust, pulling away not apart,
Angry pests and unbelieving leeches sucking blood,
Droplets turning into trickles, too less for the pain,
I pull one off, to find two more, let alone the table,
The last supper unseen, hidden in plain sight, also reasons,
I have with you so many memories, not one is not special,
But today, some moments to drown in our tears,
And today might be just a day to forget.


  1. Oh karan, but i disagree, there is nothing but grey in this world.

    1. I agree with you on that account, but to differentiate widely, we can say that there just are two options which we can account for..!!