Sunday, April 27, 2014


Its number 250,
So let’s have some fun,
Let’s not make sense,
Nor use a sarcastic pun.

It’s been a long journey,
And it’s still not quite done,
I have to keep going further,
To reach the shining sun.

With love it began,
And then expanded to poetry,
Then came Hindi rhymes,
And the sarcastic mockery.

Turbulent yet calm,
It’s been like this from day one,
Blogging isn’t that tough,
But the world says it’s easier said than done.

I’m happy with what I’m doing,
I should use the word elated,
I’m excited to keep going on,
In other words I’m delighted.

I’m off to party now,
With my darling blog,
I promise I’ll be back soon,
Before you say the word ‘Eggnog’.

One more poem ending like this,
Something without any logic,
I need to practice this hard,
This isn’t so simple like magic.

So long for now,
I really need to go,
Do write how you felt,
In the comment box below.