Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Don't Kid Me

My Jigsaw Puzzle Fits In
Yes, I start with a wow because it is the first time; I have been invited as a guest at someone’s blog. It feels OSCARLY. Whattttt? Don’t you give me that eye roll and the shoulder shrug, a guest is always special and when you are invited to a cool blog of one of your fave peeps, you just can’t help but feel like a celeb.

I was giving a lot of thought as to what should I write for a guest post for a kid who is well technically a kid, but writes too good to be NOT even an 18 year old. (Yes, Karan paid me to brag about him and I am too shallow as I was sold for a five star. What? I was once told, there’s nothing in this world that chocolates can’t fix, so I will happily trade a few lies with a chocolate :P :P)

Jokes apart, if I am a guest, I know how to behave like one but damn, I forgot my heels… I did pick an elegant red dress, but I miss my 4.5 inch heels. Woopies, I forgot this is a boy’s blog and you guys might not be interested to hear me whining about my heels.

Lets get started then... yeah; I see my intro turned to be a post in itself... I have a serious writing disorder. God bless Karan who was kind enough to take me to his blog but right now, I know he must be regretting his decision so badly to have a lunatic like me in his handsome house. Before he ousts me angrily, I better start talking sense.

An open letter to all those who are looking for something they don’t have.

You and you, I am talking to each one of you here. Let’s get some serious talking done today. Go back and trace some of the important years of your life. Who is the first person you want to share the stuff with? We all have someone special. I have memories that belong exclusively to my dad and I reminisce about them quite often. We all have a special one, but along with it, we all crave to have someone we cannot. Not just romantically, there are other relations too.

I never had a brother. NEVER. Every time, I hopped to school and found two little kids, a boy and a girl walking hand in hand... I always thought they were siblings. It never crossed my kind that it could be two kids in love. I always believed they were siblings.


Because I never had one. PERIOD.

I come from a big family and I have more cousins than my fingers can keep track of... but there was always a missing piece... I would always be that jigsaw puzzle which will not complete even if you burn the midnight oil…

This letter is to address every single one of you who has felt so... who has cried a hundred tears because you ached for something that you could not get… because you ached for something which you had no hold on… because you ached for something that will always be a dream.. Because you cursed God for robbing you of a gift that so many others had it so easily.
I am talking specifically of a brother but you can fill the shoes with any of those relations you have craved for, but couldn’t get... it could be a dead lover... a lost dad... a forgotten mom... a sister or yes, a brother you wanted but never got.

Believe me, God cries for your loss too and this is why he pays you back and pays handsomely too... for too long, I stayed curled up in my bed, looking at the stars and not feeling the shine... while my friends wanted to know how to get a new boyfriend, I was busy asking God, if not having a brother was a form of karma.. Was I the villain who killed too many souls in my previous birth and this is payback? Why then did I have an angel sister, a doting dad and a loving mom?

But, over a period of time, things change. You will never have that brother who will take you to school and stare down the eyes of every pervert who will dare to rob you of your smile. You will never have the brother whose name you can proudly fill on your college application form... you will never have that brother who will always stand by you even when you are marrying a complete stranger, though you are deep in love with another guy,… but you will have a brother who will make you laugh even when all you want to do is cry... You will have a brother who will be miles apart and still tell you how connected you feel... you will have a brother who will message you on random times of the day just to let you know that you have been on his mind. You will have a brother who will not be ashamed to call you his sister... you will have a brother who will not judge you because you ask nearly all guys to be your brother... you will have a brother who will just be the E.XA.C.T. person your REAL brother would have been but will never be.

Trust me, GOD IS KIND and GOD is in LOVE with you… I spoke about a brother because Karan here is my kid brother... and though it’s been very recent that we are really connected in the right sense of the word, but I know he is going to be one kid... I’ll FOREVER remember coz

1.      I have sharp memory and
2.      He is AWESOME as a kid and as a brother... he compliments me TOO often... he sees more to me than what it is and his childhood picture is cute and most of all he has a lousy handwriting

There are too many good things I can tell because I know
When you see a good one, you know they are for keeps.
Here’s something in poetry from me to you… J J

Too many miles, I had walked
Too many times, I had cried
Too many people, you do meet
Too many times I was judged

Yet, in all this crowd
A gem shines deep and bright
Nothing in the world does change
Except for you and for me
A bond is made and a promise is sealed
Together we speak, the words are not missed
No pompous words, no big vows
The silent smiles are sometimes strong
A little kid smiles
And suddenly, I felt so alive
A bond is made
And it will forever stay
Because God too has to pay
Too many smiles, He took away
But once again, I am happy and GAY
Some bonds FOREVER stay

FOOTNOTE: Don’t cry for what you cannot have…seek it in unknown faces and unseen smiles...One day, you will find the piece that won’t be the thing you’ve been looking for, but your jigsaw will be COMPLETE.

Be blessed always’re a gem... I will be here always to remind you of your own shine. Glad to have met you little kid brother.
Your guest,

Author’s Note: This was so damn awesome Shruti. I wouldn’t mind taking some of your awesomeness and using it to improve my K-Factor. Keep posting on your blog and on mine too at times sissy, you are the epitome of awesomeness. I don’t know what’s with the title, but kid also sounds good enough for me. ;) :P

PS: An added advantage is that you have good handwriting too. :P


  1. Aha, the illustrious Shruti appears. That too on the K-Factor. Nice. Your words resonate with me Shruti. I am an only child, and not having siblings always killed me. But as I grew up, I more than made up for it by having extra close friends and of course with my cousins.
    Karan - I will echo Shruti and say, you write nothing like an 18 year old would., It's so much better. Makes me glad that I wrote your profile for you for P365

  2. I've to go shopppiiinnngggg.. my fat heart is not fitting in my old clothes... you kid are one true gem I am always going to be happy to have.. too good with compliments and so are you Sid..
    thank you both for makign my day fat happppyyy <3

    1. Now, I don't know what to reply to this :P :P
      Teach meeee!!! :P

  3. Good read ! I found this word you used too good."OSCARLY"!! Hahahaa funny read!

  4. Wow, Shruti! loved it :)
    The poem is awesome! :)