Monday, April 14, 2014

Font Fight

It’s been quite some a long time since I began debating about handwriting with one of my blogger friends. I was supposed to send her a sample of my artwork a month ago, but I was in two minds if I should share my unique calligraphy (I’m just joking) with someone who has a common font.

My first take goes on Shruti’s handwriting (PS: Shruti blogs at A Shade of Pen).

elegantly spread
curved at the right places
just holy handsome

Sadly I have now reached the point when I have to let into open my own scribbling. Read further at own risk. :P

illegible scrawl
letters stuck together
it’s my own font

Note: This handwriting is not to be taken to heart. The same haiku above is written in pen and if you cannot read it do not ponder on it. As said by my teacher, it has been known to cause spectacles, so do not take any risks. :P


  1. Lol kid you're being too harsh on yourself.. your handwriting is no where as handsome as mine but it is okay :) :) with time, you might just improve as well, but YES I LOVED LOVED LOVED reading this.. you might have a lousy handwriting, but you're DESPERATELY GOOD blogger :)

    1. This is my best handwriting I'd say...I'm proud of myself :P
      I prefer typing than writing, so its fine :P :P
      Keep visiting..!! ;)

  2. Haha..Shruti is right...a handwriting it ? ..:-P

  3. Amigos!! :D This sounds somewhat interesting. ;)

    - Rahul

  4. hahaha...that is not too should see my husband's seems he killed on his way to writing a still love him though :p

  5. Holy Handsome handwriting ! Good one!!

    1. Thank you Ma'am...glad you liked it :)
      Keep visiting..!!