Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sex, Drive and Voting

“1 vote ki kimat tum kya jaano Ramesh Babu?”

Deepika waving her black marked finger into the air proudly while she says this. Well, that would have roused more voters than the ‘visa’ advert. In these on-going elections, the voting percentage has gone up due to 1 main reason: everyone wants voting selfies. But yes, it’s true that the voter turnout has risen and the main reason has been the increased awareness in people to vote and to exercise their fundamental duty.

The reasons don’t matter, unless it’s for the good of our nation. Seeing the largest democracy working hard to provide all the citizens their rights is a feeling of awesomeness. And even though I crib a lot about what goes on, I must say that I’m proud to be an Indian. (Nothing is perfect, is it?)

Not a dot of sarcasm, or even the build up for a story, or even a rhyming verse. Weird that, coming from me. Well, here I begin.

It’s voting day here in Mumbai, and all my family has gone to vote. And why am I not there with them? Yes, it’s sadly true that I’m not voting. Now there is that confusion in your minds- here I am lecturing you about voting, and I myself am not voting. PS: I can’t vote, and due to the fact that I’m not of age. God no!

But well, laws are laws. I’d say that our constitution has the best laws (this is said with a mixture of sarcasm and true patriotism). So let’s talk about some of the best laws of our constitution, and I guess you’ll get my tone as you read on.

Consent age law. This is going to be one of main laws which I shall talk about. Set at 16, this law is one of the best in our constitution, in the ones regarding a minimum age. When this law had declared there was lot of talk, and one of the best tag lines heard at that time was: “Istamal kare fir vishvas kare”.

Empowering the youth and giving them strength has been in all of the manifestos of the on-going elections. So let me ask you a question, and just use your common sense to answer it. Should kids be allowed to have sex before they can make a difference to the nation? Should kids be allowed to have sex before they are allowed to drive? Should kids be allowed to have sex before marriage? The least important, should kids be allowed to have sex before legal consumption of alcohol?

Statements like rape being mistakes of boys have been heard throughout these elections from parties who talk of secularism and divide the nation on the basis of religion. But, isn’t this a good question to ask?

The age of 16-18 is faced with a dilemma each and every time they move out of the house. Let me make this personal, and let me talk about myself. Every time I go out of the house alone, I need to traipse the asphalt or I need to use rickshaws, which would completely take my monthly budget out of hand (not that my parents don’t allow me that luxury). College and then classes together take away a lot of time, and combining that with traveling time just hikes it further. The hassle of traveling does not cease till 18, till when I can ride any bike illegally. Now, I ask why! Isn’t being allowed to drive a necessity in the current world?

Now let’s get down to voting. With shows like The Newshour and all the news channels openly talking about elections and the newspapers being filled with such news as well, shouldn’t the voting age be down to 16, or at least 17. Giving numerous entrance examinations does require the maturity and also the knowledge, and by 17, that is acquired.

I have ranted enough, and these two laws are the ones I stand against, merely because I have been affected by them. On a more practical note, wouldn’t minute changes in these two laws make life a lot easier, and wouldn’t it help to make the country better as well?

As I read this before I post, even I’m shocked that I’ve managed to do an opinionated piece, without any sarcasm. If you’re shocked as well, but I’ve set you thinking, then do post your thoughts at the bottom.


  1. You know, I could not vote because my age fell short of 26 days !!

    1. I fell short 'cause of some months...really sad...
      Keep visiting Sir..!! :D

  2. aah the last elections I couldn't vote due to the fact that i was to turn 18 after two months, so yes i was very disappointed too.

    1. Sad really...
      Glad you could vote this time though :)

  3. Good to see another post urging people to vote. I also did in quite a few posts and tried to motivate people in my locality.... Thanks.

    1. Glad you liked it Sir..:D
      Keep visiting..!!