Thursday, August 14, 2014


I’m held, I’m stuck,
I’m bound in this haze,
Not maze this is ‘cause,
Lost I’m not, just held up,
The path forward visible,
Clear and distinct,
As I’m trudging ahead,
Slow as a snail,
Cautious but not going to fail,
Lead in my bones, ice in my veins,
Success in my mind, and heart,
Beating to win, to live, to survive,
Panting and sweating,
In this race, I’m tired,
Red is my face,
My mouth dry with the pain,
Raging all through,
Touching and caressing,
Passing through like a knife,
As I hold, bending, saving,
Energy and the self,
From being consumed by the strain,
As the eyes slowly shut and it all dims,
I say out loud, I am fatigued.