Friday, August 29, 2014

Miss Trust

I’ve begun to rhyme, again,
This time, it’s true, and not in vain,
The clock’s chimes, in the back,
We both got nothing to gain,
‘Cept the pain, which we can’t tame,
‘Cause I felt it, you didn’t, so we ain’t the same,
Now this was lame, but,
That’s what happens in the real trust game.

I’d thought you a friend, till the end,
But you couldn’t defend, the trust, you got,
So you did offend, me, too much not,
A bit, a tad, I’m glad, you did,
Right now, I know, you truly,
Your act showed clearly,
No tact, merely,
A scale to know how good you were,
But you surely were a jer-k.

It was fine, one moment,
Spoiled it all, and made me resent,
And repent, the idea, to trust, you,
A figment, of the imagination,
An element, of happiness, the smiles,
You brought, and taught, me, a lot,
Even this time, you did teach,
Something, everything,
And showed me I knew nothing,
About this feeling, and now,
I’m not trusting, you,
Me, or anyone else, too,
Oh yes, I’m done,
And I’m telling you, it wasn’t fun.