Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Am Not Weak

There I lay, supine,
In the dark corner,
Not dusty, nor gloomy,
Nor is it a punishment,
As the darkness caresses,
Slowly, steadily, leisurely,
Pulling out the heat,
As the heart beats, fast,
And the breath comes,
In bursts, chest heaving,
The mind reeling, unfocused,
As the limbs push down,
Only to fail, miserably,
As the muscles twinge,
And the bones cringe,
And strength reduces,
Down to a bare minimum,
The body pleading,
To hold still, to not move,
Not exert, not force,
The words to come, flow,
As the whisper destroys, breaks,
Cracks the mirror of silence,
I am not well, but I am not weak.


  1. really well....u r good poet :) just read few and looking more to read
    following u ....

    stop by my blog too

    1. Thank you Ma'am :)
      Will surely look through your blog too :D