Sunday, August 24, 2014

Like A Boss

I’m back, on track,
As is my knack,
To rhyme, to stack,
Words, with sense, and nonsense,
Oh this got dense,
So put your work on the rack,
But make sure you don’t get the sack.

There came the call, to come of age,
College, they say, but it’s a stage,
For creativity, and quality,
And I’m no sage,
To work without wage,
And don’t try to enrage,
Me, I’m angry, a bit, a lot,
Well that’s something you can’t gauge,
Nor can I.

I’ve been studying, and sleeping,
And walking, and talking,
And yapping, and making,
Fun, laughter, jokes, and rapping,
But not writing,
‘cause the words are missing,
But this rhyme’s coming,
And sense I’m not making,
Yet I’m smiling,
And so are you.

Thoughts flowing constantly,
Incessantly, running through,
I was fumbling, to collect,
Those ideas washing through,
My intellect, but then I had to select,
And neglect, the rest, the bad ones,
Like this one, I picked mistakenly,
And I know, sincerely, that,
This isn’t what you expect,
Days after, seven.

I’ll end here, ‘cause I fear,
You’ll stop reading my blog, dear,
That points near,
‘cause I’m trying a lot to not,
Make sense, don’t sneer, or leer,
Just have a beer, the tabs not on me,
And I know just to innovate,
Like this rap, mere, but I’m no seer,
And I don’t know the future,
So I’m gonna get my gear,
And I’m gonna clear, outta here,
Well I just ended and so did this,
With the three words, magic, not really,
But like a boss.