Friday, August 8, 2014

A Brother Of The Night's Watch

I lay awake in the darkness,
Battling while the world sleeps,
Peace it is for them,
But for me, nothing,
As I fight, the urge to doze off,
As it consumes me, whole,
Yes it does, this war of thoughts,
As I wait with my sword,
Pen though I must say,
Mightier it is, and sharper too,
With the words raining down,
I’m just a silhouette,
An outline in the shadows,
I’m a part of the Black,
Waiting my turn, to rage forward,
And to engage the enemy,
Till I am taken down,
To rise again with the sun,
To be reborn the next morn,
With the new son, and new dreams,
New wishes, new thoughts,
But I shall remain truly a brother,
A brother of the night’s watch.


  1. nice peom, is it somewhere related to game of throne's brother of knights watch or you are expressing it being an army man

    1. No it isn't related to Game Of Thrones. Its about the fight between sleeping and not sleeping late in the night...

  2. The words are rhythmic, clever use of the language. though in free verse and without aliteration, The syllables tingle rhythms. Nice poem