Sunday, August 31, 2014

I'm Done

It’s a business,
Done with finesse,
Through giving happiness, though,
Only to the self, and to you,
Quite a lot, not few,
Standing, in the lines,
Reading the signs,
And returning, without,
A glimpse, a sight,
Of His might, in the light,
Of the night, shining,
And whining, of the wait too long,
I guess you just aren’t that strong.

It’s a tactic,
To make people frantic,
Using the panic,
Of the manic, people,
Who stand on the steeple,
We also worship the peepal,
But I’m done, there wasn’t no fun,
In the run, or in this rhyme,
And I’ll cut short, as there’s no time,
But there’s lime, damn,
That went with ham,
Now I wanna curse,
So I’ll shift to free verse,
Rather you get a nurse,
For me, not you.

Idol, not idle, they say,
Standing firm, upright,
Gaudily, not godly,
An enterprise, a machine,
To earn, to print, reds and greens,
And those signatures,
The ink fresh, gleaming,
And He’s shimmering,
Not screaming, or saying,
A word, as they sell, Him,
To us, a name,
That should have begun with g,
Or f, fame, I meant game,
Played alone, not together,
As we pray, and so do they,
Just an e going in, prey.

I stood, and understood,
The fact, the truth,
The real meaning,
Of life, of God,
Of people, of minds,
Of thoughts, of dreams,
Of wishes, of needs,
Of Him, of His presence,
As it dawned, first light,
And my eyes went to the skies,
Hands raised, I knew,
It was Him, in me,
In you, in them all,
In the soul, He’s not one, sole,
That has an o,
Saying it all, clear,
Realization, insight,
Well, I’m done.

A story, a trial,
An experience,
An attempt, new,
Destroying perception,
I’m standing, and smiling,
So is He,
Above us, somewhere,
He’s there, I know,
For me, for you,
For us all,
But I know,
I’m done.