Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Curious Case Of The Bhai-Friend

Once there was a young fellow,
He liked enjoying, but he was a bit mellow,
Shy he wasn’t, nor coy he was,
Brave and daring, and smart too,
Then came she, and he gave his heart away,
She liked him too, but fear held her still,
He asked her out on Friendship Day,
They went out for a week,
Till came the next Sunday,
She got the idea, to make him her’s,
Forever to stay, side by side,
She took his hand, and took the cloth bracelet,
His eyes went wide, and by shock he fell,
It was a rakhi, and that’s how it all ended,
Half girlfriend of CB it wasn’t, it was special and unique,
This was a new case, very curious too,
That’s why he was named and titled different,
And he went from boyfriend to bhai-friend.


  1. Ha ha ha sadly happens to most of the guy friends during teens.But yours is a hilarious take on it :)

  2. Ha ha ha....this happens a lot!!

  3. This brought back memories of a certain guy I pulled this one on!

    1. Hahah :P
      Glad you liked the post Ma'am...keep visiting..!!

  4. hahahaha.....Hilarious !!!
    Your mention of Half Girlfriend truely suits this stuff.....

    1. Glad you liked it Ma'am :)
      Keep visiting..!!

  5. Aaaaawww poor chap!All his dreams and hopes crashed!