Monday, August 25, 2014


An emotion, a notion,
A feeling of happiness, a condition,
Super-position, of two plusses,
At the top, of the world, and inclusion,
No exclusion from nothing, completion,
And I’m facing addiction,
To the words, not fiction,
And I’m trying to make rap, construction,
With a smile on my face, decoration,
Well, that’s success.

And then success, is winning,
Something, more than nothing,
Like everything, and I’m not kidding,
Or making, fun, this time round,
‘cause success is a feeling,
Not described, by words, dancing,
Or creating, a meaning, to a verse,
This verse, any verse,
Or giving, or gaining, obtaining, applause,
From people after reading, no,
That ain’t success ‘cause,
That didn’t have no learning.

Success, meanwhile,
Is about the smile,
Which goes on for a mile,
Plastered, from one ear to the other,
Or did I mean year, well that was some guile,
To rhyme, with style,
Like RDJ, in Sherlock, by Doyle,
That was bad, but I’m not mad,
To end without having some fun,
So yes I’m not done,
And there’s one to go, but expect none.

Success, a figure?
Which just gets bigger,
From the bottom to the top,
And I’m not a digger,
To go down, and now I ain’t rhyming,
And there’s a frown, on my face,
Where’s success hiding, unseen,
So should I drown,
‘cause there isn’t a crown,
On my head, nod you don’t,
If you can’t clap, or applaud,
But I’m not a king, ‘cause I can’t rule,
Well I’m a fool, but no,
I’d rather be a God, than be a king,
Now that’d be some success.

This post has been written for Project 365’s Open Prompt for the day.