Saturday, August 2, 2014

On And On

It’s a new life,
It’s a new morning,
A chapter starting,
To go on till the end,
Strong and firm I’ve to stand,
As the walk goes on and on.

A change to heed,
A call to follow,
As the clock ticks on,
In years not minutes,
The countdown has begun,
As the legs walk on and on.

A fresh start, from scratch,
Without any old used scraps,
From the time spent prior,
The smiles enjoyed and tears wept,
New friends, a new identity to build,
The walk has to go on.

Nothing to call mine,
Just unfamiliar faces that stare,
Going right through and through,
As the hands extend in support,
New friendships made,
The walk shall go on, forever.


  1. last para is just beautiful!!!!

    1. Thank you..glad you liked it :)
      Keep visiting..!!

  2. Walking into a new land, new college life, I can totally relate to this poem :)

  3. New Beginnings... and the challenge of syncing them with the old experiences.
    On and On...

    1. Yes...that's a great summation of life :)