Thursday, October 17, 2013

Forever Love

It was 7 months since they had been together, and now there was a day left. The absence of each other had dealt various blows to them both, but they had survived. With tensions out of the box, far away, there was only one thing in sight, togetherness. Ekta had been through a tougher battle, and her self was riddled with scars of the fight, broken friendships, fights and the usual teenager stuff. 19 and steaming ahead, the two had decided to part ways in order to get through their exams. She hoped he would be back, but did not say it out loud.

Cool and nonchalant in his behavior, Sameer had kept his emotions contained, and had removed them all by studying the extra bit. With his agile figure, and creative mind, nobody would believe in his aim of achieving a degree in engineering; but here he was. On the other hand, Ekta had stayed afloat holding the arms of her best friend, who never once did leave her sight, and was hell-bent on achieving success in whatever she did.

The phone pinged in the middle of the night as the Whatsapp message got delivered with its usual speed. Switching to the already open and active window, Ekta read the message, and groaned. It was him. Again.

"Hey honey, why don't guys do what we tell them to," she wrote. Retorting to her life support, Alka, Ekta was talking about the message she had just received.

"Hey, I'm bored. You say, what's up?” she replied to the ping which had changed her mood. Coming from Sameer, the message had violated a self made treaty by the pair, which included a clause that they would avoid talking to a maximum level. As the message left her phone, she drifted away from the mathematics paper, which consisted most of her current life, and stared into nothing, an imaginary reel running her mind.

It was their first date together, as a couple, though they had had almost half a year together. Secretive as they were, they still hadn’t told a single person, not even their closest friends. With Sameer driving, the couple and some friends were off to Lover’s Point, Ekta sat next to him, coyly fiddling with his hand and in the backseat, Sameer's friend Ashok slept in his girlfriend, Malini’s lap while her hands went through his smooth brown hair.

Taking out his mobile phone, Sameer typed in the words," When are you going to do that to me love?"

A red tinge on her cheeks, Ekta typed back," Do what sweety? I don't know what you mean love."

"Nothing. Let it be."

"Sorry baby. I was just kidding."


Holding his hand quite evidently now, Ekta turned Sameer to face her, and noticed the pout on his sweet face.

Now speaking clearly, rather than using the cell phone to talk, she said," Sameer, love, just keep some patience baby."


"You know, the fruit of patience is the sweetest. Now chill, and concentrate on driving. My hand is forever in yours."

Sameer grunted, but Ekta was sure that she saw a glimpse of a smile.

The parking lot was littered with buses and cars and bikes of tourists and other people visiting this place for their varied reasons. Unable to find a good parking place, Sameer suggested that he park the car a bit far away. Ashok was fine, and he exited the car with Malini. The couple sat in the car as Sameer vented out his anger and irritation verbally on himself.

Ekta took his arm, and put it behind her, as she placed herself in his arms. Shocked at her movement, Sameer fell silent. Taking his arm back, he switched on the car, and quietly drove into a nearby desolate lane. As soon as the keys turned in the ignition Ekta left her seat in the front, and jumped into the back, inviting Sameer to do the same.

Reluctant, and angry, Sameer followed suit. Heavily placing his head on her shoulder, he slowly snaked his arms around her.

"What happened sweety? Why do you spoil your mood so much on such useless things?"

"Just sit like this, and I will be fine in 2 minutes."

"Only two? I was ready to be with you like this forever, but..."

"I love you so much Ekta."

"I know you do Sammy. I love you too. Now come, let's go find Ashok and Malini."

"We won’t be able to find them in the crowd, and I'm sure they don’t want to be found as well. Let’s just sit here and talk. We'll grab a bite as well then."

"As you say, sir."

"By the way, what did you mean by the patience thing? I did not get a word out of it."

"You will know soon. Just chill," Ekta replied as she shifted deep into the seat, so that she couldn’t be seen from any angle outside the car. Letting his weight fall on her, she let him get close to her. Slowly stroking his hair, she turned him to face her. They could feel the other's breath as their noses touched. Her eyes closed and she savored the moment as his hands got behind her and clasped her tight.

She still remembered the moment. Clearly, completely. It was a long time now, but yet she remembered his touch on her lips, and his hands flowing across her back. Brought back into the present by the steady vibration of her phone, she picked up the extremely late call, with a hesitant glance around the room.

"Hey, it’s me."

"I know that Sameer. What do you want at this early time?"

"I wanted to tell you something Ekta."

"It couldn’t have waited till morning, could it?"

"I umm, well couldn’t resist. Like it’s a long time since I talked to you so...

"Well, Ekta, our exams end tomorrow, and it’s a Friday, so will, umm would you come with me to the Cinema? Like, two friends out to roam kinda thing."

"Is that a proposal for a date? If it was, then it did not convince me. And I guess this should have waited till morning."

"Just answer me God damn. Its damn 7 months since I heard your sweet voice; its 7 months since I held your hand. Just answer me for god’s sake."

"You haven’t changed a bit. I'm yours doesn’t mean I don’t demand a full-fledged proposal!"

"I'm working on it. There’s still some years for that."

"Make it quick. And officially there’s still half a day before we talk, so goodnight."

"Hey wait. Don’t torture me more, please."

With a long pause, he added," Sleep well. Take the bed sheet, and don’t forget the window and the mosquito coil. We don’t want you itching away in the exam hall."

"Exam hall or someplace else?"

"We'll see honey. Now sleep off. You know your stuff, you'll do well. Night, love you so much darling."

"Good night."

"Great, I don’t get a reply as well. Not a problem."

As soon as the click sounded, Ekta jumped in bed, her eyes sparkling. Dumping the bundle of books on the floor, she held the pillow close to her chest, and slept. He had kept his promise, and his love still remained the same. With a smile visible even in the darkness, she slept like a baby. Her love, Sameer, was hers again and now forever. She would never let him go. But a tinge of sadness echoed on not replying to his show of love, when she had wanted to shout out loud.

He would forgive her for it. He always did, her Sameer. With these happy thoughts, she drifted off.

It was for the first time in 7 months that the pillow was dry when she slept, and her cheeks were not stained. Their love had stayed the same, and they were now forever together. It was forever love.