Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Secuutus- The Follower

Internet security has for long been a concern for us. I had not previously heard about there being any surveillance in India, but here is the eye opener. Secuutus- The Follower. Six Pixels brings to you in their first project, a heavy topic, internet surveillance being done by governments. This group is based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerela, has worked for 3 long weeks, combating large odds like bad weather, some problems with the equipment, and also their large circular budget, a 0.

Filming from a Canon 600d, Rajath Thomson, also worked on the editing. Directed by Goutham Soorya and his assistant Vivek Panikkar, this story has been sculpted together by Anil Krishnanunni, and has had the support of the entire production and technical unit, namely Mani Sankar and Sreerag VN. The Creative Head of the team is Pranav Nandanan, and the cast of this debut short film has Baiju K Balakrishnan, Rakesh Krishnan, Aravind JD, Mani Sankar, Pranav Nandanan, and Vivek Panikkar.
This band of 10, has plans to progress towards making of a romantic science fiction short film and they intend on revealing it on Valentine’s Day 2014, but they may take up a project in between as well.

Six Pixels Media also has expansion plans so as to work on making videos and experimental short films as well.

Here is the trailer of the video.

And here is Secuutus itself.

You can contact Six Pixels on Facebook by clicking here.