Saturday, October 26, 2013


By making my words rhyme,
I earn a mere dime,
Yet I write all the time,
Now is that my crime?

Whispers behind my back,
It’s a large stack,
So it’s hard to track,
To know what they think I lack.

What they do is taunt,
About my words in the usual font,
It’s not easy to pass, it stays back to haunt,
It’s not easy to obtain the freedom I want.

PS: This was part of my closing speech on the topic ‘Artistic Freedom must not have curbs’ at the recent competition Debating Matters. I had written about it earlier as well. I and my partner did not get selected though, but it was an experience of a lifetime. I start off with this poem, and soon I shall post all of the speeches I had written for usage in the competition.

PPS: Do put in your valuable comments at the bottom of the page.


  1. This is different than how you usually write. This is much better. I think your ever work yet. Loved it :D

    1. Thank you Ma'am..:)
      Glad you liked it..
      Keep visiting..!! :D

  2. Lovely K! I think Artistic freedom must not be curbed, after all we have the right to speech and free thinking. Thankfully blogging is a medium where we can speak freely for what we feel! Looking forward to more posts on this topic!

    1. That's exactly what I feel, and yes, blogging is sure becoming a good way to speak out without facing the curbs...!!
      Glad you liked it..:D :)

  3. Only two words I would say........... Awesome poem

  4. [ Smiles ] Another fascinating poem!

  5. The artist should express him/her-self. Full stop. Don't bother about what others say.

  6. Lovely Karan... :D
    And you didn't make it this time,may be net time but you learned ample of things right..And that's what matter.. :D

    1. We seriously learned a lot..and it was a helluva experience..;)
      This was maybe the last chance, though will now try for other competitions like this...debates now fascinate me..;) :D