Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Togetherness- A Series (Part 2)

You can read Part 1 of the Series here.

As the sun slipped into its bed, and sucked the place empty of its magnificent light, Karan hoisted me to my feet. He urged me to smile, but I could not. Dad was repeatedly telling me that the search for a good husband was on, and as soon as a good guy came into his sights, he would get me married. But, the good thing was that he would not force me. That didn’t mean I had a lifetime to get married. But here was Karan who thought the world would wait for him, and so would my dad. Why didn’t he understand?

As we walked down the aisle, the moments I had spent with him on this lovely beach came to me. Those long walks and the coy holding of hands. Ahh, I would never forget the time I had spent here with him. I knew he was the right one for me, the one I wanted to spend my whole life with. Not that he didn’t have the courage, but he was looking for the right time, and the right opportunity. It was just a week before our relationship touched the 5 year mark, and now I wanted to make him forever mine.

As we crossed the lamp post under the bridge, I recollected the day he had told me about his feelings for me, and to his surprise, I had told him the same. I smiled as we went past, and the reel of the event played in my mind, and the day returned back to me.

The day had not been so good in office, but I awaited our weekly visit to the beach. That was the only reason I endured the whole day with files and papers littering my desk. Karan hadn’t come as well, so I could talk it out with him. He was the reason I went daily to office, my hidden love, the one I wanted to cuddle and hold, and love. My head stayed down, and I didn’t move from my cubicle.

"What’s wrong with Karan? I'll have to ask him tomorrow, or maybe I'll give him a call in the lunch break."

But the day went on, and the lunch break passed as well without incident, and the silence continued. Dejected, I joined the group heading to the beach. Never had it happened that Karan had missed a visit to the beach with me, so I trudged alone behind the group. As they all gossiped and laughed and joked, I gazed at the horizon, wishing for my best friend and colleague to be here with me now. I missed him I realized, and I hadn’t felt it in the essence of anyone else.

The sun fell low, and I sat down under the lamppost, relishing the light, and the buzz of the insects which pranced around the light. I had to occasionally swat them, but that was fine. I plugged in my earphones and played with the phones keypad as the songs began. Interfering with the lapping of the waves on the rocks, I closed my eyes to hear the other minute and usually insignificant sounds-the whispers of the wind, the calls of the birds, and the raucous bauble of man. It seemed so natural and lovely.

All of a sudden, a pair of hands grabbed me from behind and prevented me from looking around. My blood turned to ice, and I started screaming in fright.

"Damn you girls. Can’t even comprehend a prank," said a lively voice, which was very familiar to me. I had prayed to hear the voice and if possible, to meet the person who owned the voice as well. Turning around, I made sure it was him and I screamed in delight.

"Karan! What the heck do you think you are doing? You just gave me a minor heart attack. If you don’t wanna talk with me then I'll just go away. There is no point in you trying to kill me."

"I was just having some fun Niki, just chill. And no one’s killing you, dare you say that again."

"Why didn’t you attend office today?"

"Well, it’s a quite long story..."

"Fine, don’t tell me. Keep it to yourself. There is no one to understand care in the world," I said feigning disappointment and anger.

"Fine. Don’t use emotional blackmail, cheater. You know I can’t see you sad, so you use this trick."

"Well everything’s fair...you know."

"That’s in love and war woman! And I guess we haven’t got at least one of them between us."

"Yeah, I don’t know about war, but the love thing is completely absent."

"Oh yeah? So, if I ask you out right now, you are going to deny me the privilege of it?"

"Hell no. I mean yes! I mean what the...! I don’t know what I’d do. And I’m not thinking of it as well, as we both know that the question isn’t coming."

"Hmm...Let's get a gola, or some fast food. I'm starving. I skipped lunch as well, and it was all because of you."

"You didn’t have lunch? Why in the name of God? And why are you blaming me for it? What did I do?"

"You indirectly made me evade lunch. Get up, let’s go."

As I got up, a sudden shock permeated my head, and I saw stars. I grasped the culprit by the neck, and using his support, I steadied myself. Karan stood shocked, and called to the others. He raced for a bottle of water, and brought me back to life.

"These damn light poles. Made in the middle of the damn street. You fine Niki?"

"Yeah, just a bit shaky. Let’s go eat something, I'll be fine. And what were you saying about the date thing?"

"You spoiled the moment, and so did this metal pole. Now my concentration and strength are both gone."

"Just say it!"

Going on his knees, Karan reached out of his pocket and pulled out a small box.

"Well, this box is empty, but a ring will be in there soon. Instead of that, I offer to you my heart which overflows with love for you. I want you to be with me forever, and I want the extreme pleasure of being your boyfriend. Will you allow me that? I love you very much Niki."

I just stood there, motionless. I felt as though I had been hit by a truck, and the shock from the collision was not yet in the past.

"Is that something you must really ask? I'll have to teach you to be more romantic the next time, when you bring that ring, and you make me wear it. And no, I won’t allow you the privilege of being my boyfriend. Well, I’m the more privileged one here," I said, my heart speaking for me.

"Really Niki? I love you so much," he said as he blushed and got to his feet.

As I felt his hands envelop me, I felt my surroundings resemble heaven.

"I love you too Karan. Why didn’t you ask me earlier?"

"Well, I was scared of losing you as a friend."

"I should change my answer and kick you in the butt for that."

"I'm sorry love. We could take it as my first mistake in our relationship."

"Make it your last. Understand?"

"As you say boss," he replied with a chuckle as his grip tightened.

The moments fell back as Karan motioned me towards the waiting taxi. We got in the back, and I lay on his shoulder as the vehicle sped through the city towards my house. Karan’s hand held me close, and he hugged me back. He was deep in his thoughts, just like me, and he stared blankly out of the window at the solitary moon.

As the taxi came to a halt, my only thought was that the box needed a ring now, and I hoped it came soon, real soon.

Bidding me good bye, Karan waited till I waved from the window, and then he walked off home.

PS: This is entirely a work of fiction, and has no connection to reality.