Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Life, A Mirror

I can’t find you,
Hidden, in the plethora,
Of thoughts, mixed,
And complicated, but,
Same, yet too diverse,
Vivid, but not different,
Distant, but not far,
A hazy reflection,
Curtained, not enveloped,
Portraying, but not showing,
All that’s hidden in plain sight,
An image, yet not just a mirage,
A perception, but not an illusion,
Your face, abstract, unmoved,
Undeterred, unperturbed,
A replica of water, still,
Running deep, and I, a pebble,
Disturbing, upsetting, destroying,
The surface, the calm, the tranquil,
Life as it is, a mirror, not a wall,
So are you lost, or am I?