Thursday, July 31, 2014


Does a century really matter? Sachin had a century of centuries, he was the first one to do it, but did anyone notice all the centuries others made? No, they did not. Now, that example is more than a century old too, isn’t it? So why is the century so important to us?

It isn’t, is it? We don’t really care what the world was 100 years ago; we just don’t have the time for that. We all know the important events of the last 100 years; from our school history lessons but let’s do a short recollection.

As Syrio Forel used to tell Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, “There is only one true God.”

We came across the one true God as the century progressed, in his Rajnikanth avatar. We also realized that all the other Gods and Goddesses were not really Gods but angels sent by Him to take care of the world in his absence.

Moving to politics, the BEST YOUTH LEADER award of the century goes to Rahul Gandhi for fighting in the elections at the age of 65. His manifesto still talks about how he is a youth leader, and that the main aim is women empowerment.

Arvind Kejriwal also has his name written for having the worst revolt of the century. That dharna was done by him against himself for reasons unknown, so that saves all the students the names, dates, titles and reasons.

After Hitler and Mussolini, we came across another mass-murderer, who surrendered without a fight. He did not want to kill people, but his aim was to kill the logic and mind of people. Sajid Khan, (his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist), was finally captured and banned from making films after his last blockbuster lackluster, “Housefull of Humshakals 3”.

We also held our heads high when Bollywood won all the Oscars, in all categories. This was made possible only by Himesh Reshamiya, who did all the work, from spot-boy, to director, to producer, and even the actress. The film was g-loved by the audience, but the senior most jury member, the Robert De Niro of India, Alia Bhatt, found the film to be just awesome.

That’s about enough for now, or I shall be literally torn to pieces.

PS: This is written only for the sake of entertainment and is not meant to hurt any sentiments.

This is written for Project 365’s Open-To-All prompt.

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