Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Midas' Touch

“So what do you want me to do Suraj?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all. Everyone here is my responsibility and I will do my duty as demanded. You don’t need to think about it at all.”

“Just tell me what I did dear; what is my mistake?”

“The mistake is mine; it was a big mistake to marry you for god’s sake,” shouted Suraj as he walked out of the room, as his wife, Garima broke down into a pool of tears.

It was almost a year of their marriage, but their bond had been prospering for half a decade prior to that. Today was a special day, but Suraj had seemingly forgotten about it all, in all his work tensions. Facing a crunch at work, Suraj was faced with a lot of anger management issues, as was seen when Garima asked him jokingly to buy her a diamond necklace for the party in the evening.

The clock turned at its own pace for Garima, who sat alone on the bed, unable to bear the burden of what Suraj had said to her; whereas for Suraj, the day passed just as it would. As the clock struck six, the doorbell rang, and Garima rushed to open the door.

Their eyes met for a second, and without waiting for even a second, Garima turned and began walking.

“Can I talk to you for a minute Gari,” began Suraj, as Garima halted in her tracks.

Without turning, she replied in a curt voice, “I’m all ears.”

Going towards her, Suraj slowly enveloped her in his arms, as his lips glazed her cheeks. His right hand reached into his pocket and with the other, he turned so that he could face his better half. Seeing the gleam on the band, made Garima’s eyes well up with the wet seeds of happiness.

“This isn’t what you wished for, but for now, this is all I can give you. I hope you don’t mind, dear; it’s just a display of my love for you. I’m terribly sorry for what I said in the morning…”

“I know you are, and this wasn’t needed,” said Garima, her fingers running through the brand new bracelet Suraj had brought.

“There’s always a cheaper option sweetheart, but this one wasn’t bad enough,” she went on.

“Oh damn, so you were joking when you said you wanted that necklace?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to toy with you, just spend time with you; I wanted to hold you, to melt in your arms; just flow back to those times when we were in college. I just wanted that passion to return, just enough to rob you of your stress; but I’ll have to make do with a tiny I love you.”

“I love you too…”

“Now let’s go get ready for that party, Mr. Mehta. We can’t skip it, can we,” asked Garima in a sweet voice.

Picking her up, Suraj said, “We can be late though, nobody mentioned that.”

In the race of life, we forget that the simplest of things can reignite the sparks in a relationship, be it a hug, or just a passionate peck. A relationship isn’t only about living through the important moments; it’s about how you use the smaller events to spread the love and passion. You can check Nimrat and Parambrata’s story here.

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