Thursday, November 13, 2014

Not Afraid

I’m full of myself,
Of the pride, the courage,
Of the fear, the mirage,
It’s a mystery to me,
Is this all meant to be,
The way it is, imperfect,
Colors above each other,
A spectrum, a rainbow,
Mixing within, swirling,
Just like a wand twirling,
Things happen, I’d say magic,
It’s got a reason, even if it’s tragic,
It’s decided, the time, the place,
The sequence, of the race,
So is your part, in this quest,
It’s about doing your best,
Come what may, be it any day,
Any moment of the night,
Just do what you feel is right,
It’s never about your destiny,
It’s about your aim,
About earning your name,
About making history, with time,
A reason for me, to say,
That I’m not afraid of death,
I’m just afraid of time.