Saturday, November 1, 2014

I'm Missing Something

I’m missing something, a smile,
Not mine, maybe yours,
Lost, in the light, the dark,
Empowering over you,
The clock ticking, the wait, really,
Nerving, unnerving, it’s not ending,
A fear it is, personified,
A nightmare coming true,
Dread waiting for me, pushing me over,
It’s your absence and your silence,
Destroying my heart and soul, the quiet too,
Stealing the peace and robbing thought,
Time an antagonist, going slow, a snail,
The words mumbling inside,
Holding, not coming out, stuck,
The thoughts buzzing, unclear, hazy,
As you say no, to all I say,
A push to the care, an eye closed, to the pain,
The wound is spreading, the blood is flowing,
Invisible, hidden in plain sight, as the drop falls,
Not the eye, but the heart crying out, to you.


  1. The truth is rarely pure and never simple. Often, love is a tangled web of lies that only a broken heart would weave. Seldom is dishonesty the whole person, rather it's the pain.” ― Shannon L. Alder

  2. wow really powerful.I loved this line"Lost, in the light, the dark" and " the wait,
    Nerving, unnerving, it’s not ending" these lines touch the reader.