Saturday, November 29, 2014

Breaking Bad

It’s been a long time,
Since I said something,
From my heart,
Since I did something,
From my heart,
I listened to every word,
I did what was told,
It was the Bible- your words,
The silence was your prayer,
Your dreams were my aims,
Your thoughts, my future,
Realization hits sooner or later,
But it comes as the crow flies,
It comes as the sun rises,
It just doesn’t set no more,
It’s a distance I’ve come,
With myself, for you,
It’s not what I am, or was,
There’s a leaf turned over,
It’s me I guess, changed,
Bathed in colors, not mine,
Its time I chose my own,
To be what I want,
To dream, to aim, to think,
Just like I want to stay,
Survive just as my heart says,
To do not what the world says,
Not to rebel, nor to fight,
I wish to be myself from now,
I’m not stopping to be good,
I’m just breaking bad.

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