Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I Wish

We all have wishes, and the list of these wishes never ceases. From our vehicles, to our food, to our television programs, to the songs we listen; we all have choices, and we always work to satisfy them, come whatever may. Our most frequent desire surfaces for our home, and whenever we visit any one’s home, we return with our eyes filled those decorative pieces which we plan on using the next time we revamped our home.

Practically, that is an uphill task, with time being the biggest concern, and it all ends with some paint, a new wardrobe, and some petty appliances which affect our life in a mammoth way. There I was, blogging myself out, when I came across this site which left me awestruck. Literally, my eyes popped out of their sockets at what I was seeing, and then I began writing this.

To give a basic introduction of what I was seeing, Porcelanosa Grupo is a Spanish company which mainly believes in the human values of innovation along with quality. They have showcased this ideal of theirs in the evolution they have done with time, going from just ceramic tiles to a whole range of home décor products, the same which made me lose my head.

Enough of all the intros, and now let’s get down to all that I would love to have in my dream home. The list is, to be frank, quite censored and limited. (Greed isn’t a good sentiment at all, isn’t it?)

Pioneers set the base and establish the level which determines the progress of the market. With Porcelanosa Grupo beginning their journey with their Ceramic Tiles collection, I thought of beginning from there too.

With the brown hue scattered with the darker brown, in shades, light and dark, blending together to adorn my walls, I knew this was the one as it just appeared on the screen. With their appearance being so tenderly similar to that of one of my loves, chocolate; I was sure that their presence would be a must in my home. Some more chocolate would do, and the feeling it flow beneath my feet would be a feeling worth cherishing.

Credits: Porcelanosa

With chocolate in my mind, I glimpsed a section all about the Kitchen and Kitchen Furniture. Food being my first and last love, I guess I could spend my whole life in that roomful of food, eating, and creating new wonders, at least trying to; with just a computer to blog my heart out too. The best kitchen isn’t the one which cooks the best food, it’s the one which is organized and can be worked in without facing any hindrances. Spacious, yet compact, and easy to manage, the Arcilla Mate and the Acero was the combination I set upon. With the finish so exquisite, simple yet so posh and modern, there would be no other option to look at for me.

Credits: Porcelanosa

Thoughts are the seeds which lead to the germination of our dreams, thus fruiting into the aims we work towards.

Now quoting Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge.”

The only purpose is not to talk about reading and thoughts; it’s about peace of mind. On a personal front, it is the silence of the night, and the tranquility of the shower which makes my mind race such that only the most creative ideas remain. The night is mine to reign, but the latter is something which can be decorated and made beautiful so as to sooth the eye, and push the brain.

Minimal. The name chosen by Porcelanosa Grupo for the bathtub which called me towards it. It made me desire it; a dream come true, with the calm to enjoy a book with the water lapping against me. That is an experience worth to live for. How those thoughts would race in the mind and come out as a river of words. I so wish.

Credits: Porcelanosa

Natural Stone, with the backdrop and the arrangement invoking thought in itself, this is surely a view to die for. Thoughts and ideas- good is a degree too minute to describe them at that place.

Credits: Porcelanosa

The images enough to enhance your thought and to make you crave for the same, I guess it’s time to leave you to explore the Porcelanosa website, and to make you wish for all that I did. For more details, you can visit the website (http://www.24kliving.com/). The dream of having the best at home, is now going to come true with Kolte-Patil Developers and Porcelanosa.