Friday, November 7, 2014


Is it the distance, no,
It’s the shadow, so dark,
It’s clouding over the future,
Light is unseen, not a speck,
Not a ray, nothing’s visible,
I can’t find myself,
Let alone you, I’m lost,
I admit, in this haze,
A rainbow this mist,
So colorful, so absorbing,
There’s a storm coming,
Other than life thought,
It’s in my thought,
A fight in my mind,
Against myself, an enemy,
So formidable, as sharp as me,
Knowing what would come,
My eyes roam around,
For help no, for support,
I’m surrounded by people,
Who don’t know what’s happening,
To me, to my being, to my self,
That’s what it is, in truth,
I’m not alone, I’m just lonely.

PS: This is based on a paragraph from Bhavya Kaushik’s book, “The Other Side Of The Bed”.