Monday, November 17, 2014

Just So English!

It’s not just a language,
It’s a native art,
You can’t force it to appear,
It just erupts from the heart.

Delicately placed together,
We have those million words,
Alphabets in formation,
Just like a flock of birds.

Some mean the same,
Though some are opposites too,
It’s just about the usage,
Remembering meanings you’ll rue.

Intricate, exquisite, yet vivid,
It helps us enjoy the world,
To describe every moment, every detail,
Be it a straight drive or a free kick curled.

It’s violent and gory, at times,
And sometimes it’s so cool,
Every emotion has its presence felt,
This language is more than just a tool.

It’s weird when it’s forced,
Even with the makeup, it looks artificial,
Dwell into the details, that’s what it’s for,
Highlight every element, don’t be superficial.

Build-ups, start-ups,
They all have the next part,
It’s those stops, and holds,
Which make the language so smart.

We are just the medium, minute,
A statement that is so pun-y,
I guess that’s why people say,
English is a language so funny.


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    1. Thank you :D :)
      Apologies for the late reply...

  2. Alphabets in formation,
    Just like a flock of birds.....beautiful verses!